Peppermint & Eucalyptus

     Shhh! Signature Scent

Cotton Candy ( lemongrass & Cinnamon)

     "Different scents invoke emotions and memories"​

Soy Candles 6oz

All candles are made of soy, and the purest of essential oils 

 Purple Arreis  (Lavender & Cinnamon)

  • 2:08


If you love the smell of fresh clean laundry, then this is the scent for you. It will fill the air with a crisp clean aroma


                      Spice It Up

This scent brings to mind,the smell of spicy licorice.You get the scents and memories without the calories

​"Refresh" with Spearmint

Perfect Cup Of Tea (Ginger & Lemon)


The Signature Scent of The Silent Treatment.A special blend of cinnamon, geranium, and chamomile. Once this soothing and relaxing aroma fills the air, you will understand it name.

Bath Salts 8oz

Bath salts are made with the purest of essential oils,and natural products