You have the option of sliding or static cupping therapy

Due to Covid-19,there will be no off premise services.

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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for the following spa treatments:Swedish Massage, Reflexology, and Relaxation Teaser

Contact us directly for certificate purchase

Swedish Massage                 $95.00

60 min Full Body Massage

Relieves muscle aches and tension that the body has been holding. Turning stress into relaxation

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage  $75.00

45 min This massage get the lymphatic system working properly. Helping to rid the body of excess fluid,and waste. Good for post surgery,and the management of weight loss.


​Cupping Therapy                 $50.00

Cupping Therapy helps relieve pain, improve circulation, dispel stagnant blood and lymph, by using suction to pull blood & fluid that is stuck, back into the and pulls it to the surface layers,and puts it back into the bloodstream for processing. The newly oxygenated blood then flows into the are to promote healing

30 Min


Outdoor Experience (Seasonal)

The beauty of enjoying nature, while receiving a relaxing massage. Take in the sights, or just close your eyes, and enjoy the sounds. 

60 Min                                     $120.00             

***Besties Package***  Mini Spa Day

2 person  Outdoor Experience Enhanced


60 min massage for each person

Light refreshments are provided

1 extra hour on the premises to relax & enjoy

B.Y.O.B ( we will provide glassware) 

Total of 3 hrs.                          $325.00

Chair Massage available for Corporate Events & Health fairs

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